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Save money with International Virtual Numbers

By acquiring a virtual number from any country, you will pay only for an annual subscription, you will receive  free phone call options, thus the roaming cost is excluded, and the persons who call you from the relevant country will be charged a local price for this phone call.

This service helps both individuals and legal entities. The main advantage of the International Virtual Numbers is that you can use them at an  extremely privileged price anywhere, and it is not necessary to lease a phone line or another office in the relevant country. The customers, the family, the friends can call you at the price of the country from which they dial the phone call (local or international) anywhere in the world.

One can redirect the phone calls received on the virtual number to another mobile or fixed number or to VoIP Telephony  equipments. Effectively, without living or having a head or work office in that country, you can be present there, as you are able to answer the phone calls anytime.

How does it work? Immediately after a  VoIP Virtual Number is active, you can receive unlimited calls. You can have as many virtual numbers as you want, from different countries, and the received calls can be redirected to any number.
With VoIP Voda it is easy and comfortable to call from the United Kingdom your friends from Bucharest due to the privileged price for phone calls, i.e. low cost calls.

Save money with International Virtual Numbers