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Advantages of VoIP telephony

There are a series of reasons for which the cheap VoIP conversations  are preferred by today’s generation, especially by those who have friends or relatives living abroad, as this technology allows them keeping a permanent contact through the so-called cheap call. Practically, you install an application that will allow you calling cheaply in Romania and to  call cheaply on international level, everywhere in the world, at privileged price, which is very advantageous.

Thus, the main advantage of VoIP compared to the usual telephony is that  calls are at a privileged price,  and billing is made on seconds. The user can use the VoIP service regardless the place where he or she gets connected to the Internet. Thus, from the technical point of view he or she can live in any geographical area and have a phone number from another geographical area (state, country, continent), practically, a virtual number by means of which he or she can  make both a cheap mobile phone call  and a cheap fixed phone call.  The phone number can be kept regardless the place where you are located.

The VoIP service supposes cheap calls for Romania: persons from any country can have a Romanian phone number;  conversations at low price  (from any country to Romania, for example, it is smaller than the one billed for using other methods and, additionally, those from Romania can call without a prefix and without international tariffs, calling and paying as they would do for a  local number), the Romanians who live in Romania can have a phone number from any country and, last but not least, an increased mobility – the use of VoIP telephony during travelling, holidays – as long as one can get connected to the Internet (hotel, family, friends).

VoIP calls are low-cost calls compared to the fixed or mobile phones, and the distance between the interlocutors does not influence the low cost of the call in any way. The interurban and international calls are cheap, and the difference is immediately obvious.  VoIP telephony is cheaper by 20-70% in comparison to the usual telecommunications.

Advantages of VoIP telephony