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Easy and Cheap Telephone Communication

One of the greatest problems of different-sized companies is the fixed and mobile telephone communication not only as an internal structure, but as costs in the budget of the company as well. The companies are looking for a sparing system for being able to communicate within the own department constantly and in an economical way.

Is there a type of sparing telephony?

The question that many companies ask themselves is always the same: is there a method for amortising the costs of the telephony? There is something that could contribute to reducing costs and that would have an impact on company’s economy. Thus, once there are few employees and the departments are limited, the communication is simple and direct. It is enough to add some sales agents to this formula who, according to their nature, are never in office or we can add some additional business units and the internal and external telephony can become a prohibitive cost and a source of worry for many entrepreneurs.
Some companies have set sight for long time on reducing telephony costs, they are always looking for offers that could help to the internal organization of communication, but which would not interfere with the financial situation too much, and thus would not affect company’s budget. Some solutions have been found by using integrated systems, the telephonic stations that control several phonelines due to a single device, but, if on the one side, they found the solution by the practical management of phonelines, on the other side, we are surely very far from the saving modality needed by companies. Thus, the telephone companies, competing on an extremely rapid market, got equipped for guaranteeing many offers which can help for saving only for limited periods of time.
Nowadays, there is not a true guideline on the manner one could save money on phonelines, but some solutions have appeared for some time that could help to transforming telephony in a less complex one and, especially, in a more sparing one, and this system is called Volp. Volp system means a technology that makes possible to dial a call using internet connection or any other net dedicated to package commutation, which uses IP protocol without the connection for data transport.
More exactly, Volp means the totality of communication protocols of the applicative layer, making possible such a type of communication. Due to the multitude of Volp providers, it is possible to dial calls even to the traditional telephone network (PSTN). In reality, in general, Volp allows an audio-video communication in real time, unicast or multicast, in the network on package (for example, video calls, video conversations and video conferences). Due to this technology and its special operation, both the maintenance of new service performances of the telephone networks and the considerable decrease of the invoice cost at the end of the month are achieved, bringing especially two advantages at the same time: an increase of service quality and a decrease of prices. As well, by the agency of Volp system, it is easier to check up the access inside the built circuit for the telephonic functionality, using informational protocols and thus, it is possible to decide and determine who can and who cannot have access to this system.

The only real modality to save money in a telephony park is to study, using modern technologies, trying to identify the main objectives that this network will need to attain and will need to join and the place where a greater density of the network is needed. Volp is necessary namely at this stage, for creating an infrastructure that will help you to comply with the requirements, trying to keep under control the expenses.

Easy and Cheap Telephone Communication