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Anonymous Numbers VoIP - Cheap Calls VoIP

VoIPVoda offers anonymous numbers in most countries. Your phone number won't show up in any phone directory, nor will your name. You can answer your phone from any country in the world, with an internet connection. You will get free roaming with a land phone line. In practice, you will be able to respond from a beach in the Caribbean as though you were in your office in Madrid or in any city in the world.
  • You won't have to give your private cell number to who doesn't deserve it.
  • Your business can maintain a real presence on an international level.
  • Your clients can call a national land line even when you are travelling abroad.
  • Unlimited entering calls at zero cost.
  • Call waiting system with acoustical notice.
  • The possibility of configuring the call identification with the number you want.
  • Activation within 24-72 hours.
  • Highest market standards in voice quality.
  • Fax connection capability.

Once you have acquired the phone number for the desired country you have two options for your use:

1. You can connect your number to our VoIPVoda Software (Download VoIPVoda), Skype, VoIP Software for compatible smartphones or any other operator or redirection to any other phone number.
2. You can acquire, together with the phone number, a VoIPVoda  Adapter completely configured (plug & play) with VoIPVoda that you can connect to any Internet provider (conventional phone handset is not included).

Zones of available anonymous VoIPVoda -in numbers can be redirected also to any other VoIP providers, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, other phone numbers worldwide, etc. All incoming calls are included the price.


Anonymous Numbers VoIP - Cheap Calls VoIP