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One of the greatest problems of different-sized companies is the fixed and mobile telephone communication not only as an internal structure, but as costs in the budget of the company as well. The companies are looking for a sparing system for being able to communicate within the own department constantly and in an economical way.
Are you searching for a sparing and safe service for your national and international VoIp calls? Would you like to dispose of an anonymous telephone number for making VoIp phone calls in Romania, Italy, France, Germany, USA and any other countries in the world?


Cheap VoIP Calls - Cheap Calls to Romania

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VoIP is a technology that allows phone calls to be made using any Broadband Internet connection instead of a traditional analog phone line. VoIP is also referred to as voice over IP, Voice over Internet, Internet phone, Broadband phone, and Digital Voice. Regardless of what individual VoIP providers may call their service, they all use the very same core technology.

Our technology converts voice into a digital signal which can travel over the Internet. When calling a regular telephone number, the signal is converted to a regular (analog) telephone signal prior to reaching it's destination. In addition, wireless "hot spots" in locations such as hotels, airports, and coffee shops allow you to connect to the Internet enabling the use of VoIP service on-the-go.



Voip Services

The Cisco secure VPN Router – VoIPVoda Special Edition, is a VPN powered router, which converts your existing internet to a fully encrypted WI-FI and LAN, protected Internet connection. Your browsing, Email correspondence and VoIP Telephony will not only never intercepted any more, but more: Even your internet provider (ISP) will not know what data you are transferring. With the incorporated USB Port, you may share and save your private files inside your red. (Protected Cloud Computing) All our IP Phones or VoIPVoda Adapters are fully compatible with this Linux powered professional router.

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Voice Over Internet Protocol - Cheap VoIP Calls - Cheap Calls to Romania